Recruiting and Developing Diverse Talent

Morgan Stanley is committed to developing exceptional individuals from a diverse set of backgrounds to shape and strengthen our business and bring value to our clients. In order to diverse our talent, we are proactively hiring mid-career professionals. 

Ratio of mid-career and new graduate hires

Developing and Advancing Women

At Morgan Stanley, we are actively engaged in the recruitment of female talent. At the same time, we also actively create a work environment where women can be engaged and play active roles by providing career development opportunities such as networking and coaching programs, and access to female role models and senior management. Additionally, we recognize the importance of diversity in corporate leadership and actively support the development and advancement of women into senior business roles.  Within the Morgan Stanley group companies in Japan, we are proud to have women in senior positions such as officers, divisional heads, directors, and management committee members.

Action Plan for the Act on Promotion of Women’s Career Progression

To complement our global focus on diversity and to further our commitment to support the advancement of women in Japan, we have developed an action plan as part of the Japanese government’s Act on Promotion of Women’s Career Progression.

Plan Period

April 1, 2021 through March 31, 2026

Our Goal

1. Morgan Stanley plans to attract and hire more women through our campus and mid-career recruiting efforts in order to increase our female talent and pipeline of future female leaders. 

a) We aim to increase the ratio of female hires in campus recruiting to 50% or more.

b) For mid-career hiring, we manage the hiring process to include at least one female candidate for every open position and include at least one female interviewer in the hiring process.

2. To further strengthen the work environment for female employees, we conduct an annual survey on Firm’s culture and employee engagement, including the analysis of the usage of flexible working arrangements such as telecommuting and reduced working hours, to address issues and implement improvement measures on an annual cycle.


1.    Reevaluate and review hiring criteria and process (from April 2021)

2.    Proactively promote Morgan Stanley to job-seekers as a workplace where women can succeed (from April 2021)

3. Conduct regular employee awareness surveys and implement improvement measures (from April 2021)

4. Encourage flexible working styles to existing employees (from April 2021)


Historical Hiring Ratio by Gender

Average Length of Service*2

  9.17 years

  8.5 years


*1  Includes Campus interns, Return To Work interns and Senior Advisors
*2  Average length of service of fulltime employees at Morgan Stanley entities in Japan
as of January 1, 2022

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